Keychron K4 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

In the realm of mechanical consoles, Keychron has arisen as a prominent player, earning respect for its obligation to conveying quality and development. The Keychron K4 Remote Mechanical Console remains as a demonstration of the brand’s devotion to giving a consistent mix of execution, plan, and remote usefulness. In this top to bottom audit, we will dig into the different highlights, execution angles, and in general client experience presented by the Keychron K4.

Design and Build Quality:

The Keychron K4 flaunts a smooth and reduced plan that catches the pith of a mechanical console without settling on compactness. The console includes a position of safety aluminum outline, giving it a hearty and tough form. The moderate plan is supplemented by a matte wrap up, giving an expert and present day stylish that flawlessly squeezes into any work area.

One champion element is the keycaps themselves. The K4 comes furnished with ABS keycaps that are twofold shot formed, guaranteeing life span and protection from mileage. The legends on the keycaps are clear and simple to peruse, adding to an in general cleaned appearance.

Switch Options:

A critical feature of the Keychron K4 is its adaptable switch choices. Clients can pick between the Gateron, Keychron, or Hot-swappable adaptations, taking care of individual inclinations for composing feel and activation force. Whether you favor the material input of Earthy colored switches, the discernible snap of Blue switches, or the direct feel of Red switches, the Keychron K4 takes care of you.

The Hot-swappable variation makes customization a stride further, permitting clients to try different things with different switch brands without patching. This component improves the console’s flexibility, making it appropriate for both relaxed typists and ardent gamers who have explicit inclinations for switch types.

Wireless Connectivity:

One of the key selling points of the Keychron K4 is its remote usefulness. The console upholds Bluetooth 5.1 network, giving a steady and effective remote association. The comfort of remote activity guarantees a messiness free work area arrangement, permitting clients to flawlessly interface with different gadgets.

The K4 likewise includes a dependable USB-C port for wired associations, guaranteeing clients have adaptability by they way they decide to utilize the console. The remote reach is great, permitting clients to keep an association from an impressive distance, settling on it an ideal decision for the individuals who like to work or game from a good ways.

Battery Life:

In the domain of remote peripherals, battery duration is a significant variable. The Keychron K4 succeeds in this division, highlighting a strong 4000mAh battery. The drawn out battery duration guarantees that clients can go for broadened periods without agonizing over re-energizing.

The console likewise incorporates a power-saving mode, which naturally enacts after a time of dormancy. This element adds to energy proficiency as well as expands the general life expectancy of the battery. Clients can advantageously re-energize the console utilizing the included USB-C link, guaranteeing insignificant margin time.

RGB Backlighting:

The Keychron K4 highlights adjustable RGB backdrop illumination, adding a hint of personalization to the client experience. Clients can browse a wide cluster of variety choices, impacts, and splendor levels utilizing the devoted capability keys. Whether you favor a lively presentation of varieties or an unpretentious, single-variety backdrop illumination, the K4 permits you to fit the lighting to suit your temperament and inclinations.

Software and Customization:

To additional improve the client experience, Keychron gives committed programming that permits clients to alter different parts of the console. The product gives an easy to use connection point to remapping keys, changing lighting settings, and making macros. This degree of customization takes care of both gamers and experts who have explicit prerequisites for their console arrangement.


The Keychron K4 is intended to be viable with different working frameworks, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. The console flawlessly adjusts to different stages, settling on it a flexible decision for clients who work with various gadgets.

Ergonomics and Typing Experience:

The K4 highlights an ergonomic plan with a marginally calculated profile, giving an open to composing experience. The position of safety keycaps add to a decreased keypress distance, improving composing pace and by and large effectiveness. The material input of the switches, joined with the ergonomic plan, settles on the Keychron K4 a reasonable decision for both work and gaming situations.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Keychron K4 compatible with my operating system?

Indeed, the Keychron K4 is intended to be viable with various working frameworks, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, offering a flexible answer for clients across various stages.

Can I use the Keychron K4 wirelessly with multiple devices?

Absolutely. The K4 highlights Bluetooth 5.1 availability, permitting consistent remote associations with different gadgets. Effectively switch between your PC, tablet, or cell phone with the hint of a button.

What switch options are available for the Keychron K4?

The Keychron K4 offers a scope of switch choices, including Gateron, Keychron, and Hot-swappable variations. Clients can pick between material, clicky, or straight changes to suit their composing inclinations.

How long does the battery last on the Keychron K4?

The K4 flaunts a great 4000mAh battery, giving expanded utilization on a solitary charge. The specific battery duration might fluctuate in light of utilization designs, yet clients can appreciate significant stretches of continuous remote activity.

Is the Keychron K4 keyboard customizable?

Indeed, the K4 offers an elevated degree of customization. Clients can customize the RGB backdrop illumination, remap keys, and make macros utilizing the committed programming given by Keychron, fitting the console to their particular requirements.

Can I replace the keycaps on the Keychron K4?

The Keychron K4 includes twofold shot formed ABS keycaps, guaranteeing solidness. While the keycaps are not intended for simple substitution, the console comes in different keycap variety choices to suit various inclinations.

Does the Keychron K4 have a wired option?

Indeed, the K4 upholds both remote and wired network. It comes furnished with a USB-C port, permitting clients to interface the console to their gadget involving the included link for a stable wired association.

Is the Keychron K4 suitable for gaming?

Absolutely. The K4’s adjustable switch choices, low-profile plan, and responsive keystrokes settle on it an incredible decision for gamers looking for a mechanical console that adjusts both work and play.

How do I update the firmware on the Keychron K4?

Keychron gives firmware updates to the K4 on their authority site. Essentially download the most recent firmware and adhere to the gave directions to guarantee your console is running the most recent highlights and upgrades.

Can I use the Keychron K4 in a noisy environment?

The K4 accompanies switch choices that incorporate calm material and straight switches, making it appropriate for use in calmer conditions. Consider picking one of these choices in the event that commotion is a worry for your work area.


The Keychron K4 Remote Mechanical Console effectively weds style, usefulness, and customization. With its smooth plan, flexible switch choices, remote network, and great battery duration, the K4 takes care of a wide crowd. Whether you’re an expert searching for a solid work sidekick or a gamer looking for an adaptable and responsive console, the Keychron K4 stands apart as an imposing decision in the serious universe of mechanical consoles. Embrace the eventual fate of efficiency with the Keychron K4 and experience a consistent mix of development and execution readily available.

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