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  • People Like This…

    People Like…. Boyd Jaynes… are commercial photographers making a brilliant living combining photography with technology. Southern California based Boyd Jaynes is a commercial photographer capturing athletes, transportation and motorsports for […]

  • Let’s Take A Walk…

    Walk into the future and explore some of today’s top trends…

  • See Your Life Now…

    Yeah… See your life now. This is what makes technology so great. At some point in the next five years, we will be driving self automated cars. You just bark […]

  • Tech Trends

    I can’t wait to see what life will look like in 10 years! See some of the interesting, fascinating, boring and downright absurd tech trends people are thinking up. I […]

  • Greetings…Earthlings

    That’s not just an empty greeting. I actually think at times that we are so behind technology, that we could be living 10 years ago and not even know it! […]

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