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  • Tech Trends

    I can’t wait to see what life will look like in 10 years! See some of the interesting, fascinating, boring and downright absurd tech trends people are thinking up. I […]

  • You Should Know This Person…

    I mean, he’s making headlines by pursuing interesting ways to put technology to best practice in life. He is Mark Frauenfelder…. Mark is a much-admired journalist, blogger, editor, illustrator and […]

  • What’s Making Headlines Today?

    Technology is all around us, so sometimes it’s hard to spot out news that should capture your attention. I mean, fitbits no longer grab your attention, yet who would have […]

  • Greetings…Earthlings

    That’s not just an empty greeting. I actually think at times that we are so behind technology, that we could be living 10 years ago and not even know it! […]

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